The book, “ALCHEMY: a story of perfect murder” was truly amazing! One of the best released this year. A number of women were decapitated – and Jacob Silver was accused of murdering them. Nearly a hundred reviewers congratulated the author on the realism of the murders. Of course, what they didn’t know was it appears that the author drew on real life for his realism, like an artist.

Heads have been found! It’ll be sensational if this book now turns out to be FACT – and not FICTION. The police say they are digging up bodies everywhere.

I blame the publishing industry for these murders. They ignore aspiring new authors and promote balderdash, in a lot of cases – hyping them up to the eyeballs. If the only way a debut author can impress is to write something sensational, who can blame him if he adds some realism by taking a few heads?

It’s probably the girl’s fault anyway – you know how they tease. Half-naked everywhere you look – the whole family in that “Keeping up with the Cardigans” are prime examples.

In the Middle East they’d have been beheaded a long time ago.

Too bad she did lose her head, I suppose.



After his daring escape from Brixton Prison in London in broad daylight, famous author: Chris James, according to Scotland Yard, has been reported being seen all over the world. Fearing the fugitive will cause terror wherever he goes, rewards have been offered through a number of national newspapers.

Police warn people not to go near him. ‘This is a dangerous man,’ said Chief Inspector Neville of Scotland Yard, investigating the five murders James has been charged with. ‘Women, in particular, should lock their doors.’

If you’ve seen him, report here where and when and get yourself inline for the rewards offered.

Look out next for the offer of FREE copies of the murderer’s books seized by police – ON THESE PAGES!